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Sample Special Offer Page

Use this page to inform your readers of special products/services that your offer, as well as special sales and/or seasonal products that will be forthcoming.  You can also have a brief list of your products and include on this page a coupon for them to print down and bring to your  "actual" store!!  If you are an organization seeking members, provide membership information here.

Organize your web site content keeping information that will not change, such as your company information, separate from information that will change frequently, such as sales, season products, etc.  By doing this, your readers can more readily find the information they need when they return to your site.

The use of graphics and photos adds flair to your site. Keep in mind, however, that they require significantly more memory than regular text, increasing download time.  Some of your clients may not have the high speed access or running time necessary to download your site, and you need to make your site user friend.  Design your site, then, to keep your clients' attention and make it easy for them to obtain the information they need by making it easy to read and easy to move around.

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